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The Fandom
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Date:2005-05-03 23:38
Mood: flirty

lyyyyd! look what I made you! I hope you like one, at least. I wasn't exactly sure what to put on the "bedroom" icon, but...look! They're holding their glasses almost the same way, and they both have on rings (different fingers, but even so), and have the same kind of expression on their faces. My inner B went O_O.

The border on the last icon ran away. I'd chase it, but I'm very sleepy & going to bed now. ^_^

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Date:2005-04-20 22:49
Mood: amused

I remembered why I rented Shattered Glass! It's got a dark haired, adorable, non-stoned Jamie Elman sipping coffee from the exact same paper cups we use at work. I think it's a sign.

Hank Azaria is fantastic. Let's talk about stating the obvious.

But back to Jamie - Lyd, I wish you were here! I bet this is what it was like when he just *stopped* getting high all the time and opened a restaurant. This could probably spark an entire Jamie story.

There he is, sitting on a couch, holding a beer bottle & drinking. I think screencaps are in order.

Standing in the office, arm on a cubicle, t-shirt, open collared shirt over it, CHEWING GUM. Oh, I want to pocket him.

In all truth, I'm not really paying attention to the film anymore. I'm just watching for Jamie's scenes and squeeing.

He's wearing pink. I am so happy.

Blue! Nodding along with what someone's saying! He laughed! And mouthed, "unbelievable."

Somewhere about a half hour ago, this movie became fabulous, and I stopped with my Jamie Watch 2005. But trust me, he looks great.

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Date:2005-03-13 23:41
Mood: tired

Title: Untitled
Characters: Adam & Devon
Rating: PG-13 eventually

I thought I'd put this here, just in case you wanted to (sort of) see what I was thinking. But it isn't right yet, and it isn't at all finished. I'm just tired and going to sleep because this is starting to sound just like everything else I write. <33333

You know I don't mean it.Collapse )

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Date:2005-01-31 18:17
Subject:jack - rough opening.
Mood: gloomy

It had been a good morning. Up on time, water warm right when he turned on the shower. A quick breakfast with orange juice and Brandon's hands on his shoulders before running out the door, kissing quickly on the sidewalk before going their separate ways. The weather was cool but sunny, not at all the sort that would have had Chaz expecting bad news upon his arrival at the office.

He entered as usual, waving hello to a few of the office assistants; poking his head into Tom's office to find him not in yet, as was typical. He compared the time on the hallway clock to the watch on his wrist and found the firm to be three minutes behind, which was excellent as Chaz liked being early.

He was almost smiling when he sat down at his desk and took off his coat, then logged in to the firm's network to find three emails Brandon had already sent him from the salon, a warning of a new computer virus from the IT department, a few routine requests from various persons, and one email with subject line, "Jack Sheridan."

Chaz assumed it would be the usual email requesting that Chaz pass on some information to Jack in his New York firm, given that they had a relationship--he'd managed to stop cringing when people used that word--going back several years. Chaz didn't know what Jack ever did with the materials and emails he'd forwarded over the years. They hadn't spoken in at least three, and the last time had been through Jack's secretary while Jack was running out the door and he shouted an answer to her down the hallway. Chaz had heard him say, "I don't have time for that right now" when the secretary repeated Chaz's name. He'd stopped phoning after that.

He double clicked on the email and took up his phone to check the new voicemail messages (which were likely serenades from his better half), entered his password, and let his eyes skim the text while he was connected to the system. He set the phone down, and his mouth went dry when he saw his old firm's name in bold letters beneath Pete's.

"...so sorry..."

"...thought you should know, considering..."

"...complications due to his alcoholism..."

He looked across the hallway at the closed door opposite his. It was probably awful not to have a window. If he hadn't had one already, he would've commissioned a mural to be painted on the wall, or put up a giant framed picture of Brandon leaning against a windowsill. He needed coffee. He hadn't had any coffee yet. He should see if Tom had written that cover letter yet or if he should ask their assistant to do it. He was out of black pens again--it was like they wandered off on their own. Jack was dead at 41 from alcohol poisoning.

He shut off the monitor, and the screen went black.

He stared at the keyboard. It needed dusting. It was worn smooth along the spacebar, and part of the letter "N" was rubbed off.

He was running low on personalized memo pads. He'd have to get those reordered.

Jack was dead.

When was the last time he'd heard Jack's voice? Was it really that phone call? Hadn't there been an interview or a telephone conference? Had they exchanged emails within the past six months? He wasn't sure if Jack had received one of Baker Bohanan's holiday cards last year or if he even had his current address anywhere.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. His chest felt heavy. He needed to follow up on the presentation from last Friday. He needed to start thinking about what to get Brandon for his birthday. He needed to call Tom and find out if he was in the office yet.

On his desk, the receiver was humming its disconnection song.

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Date:2004-12-21 18:40
Subject:The Very Impressive List of Things Yet to Do
Mood: drained

The Very Impressive List of Things Yet to Do

  • The Story

  • crazy neighbor

  • edit the genderfuck

  • finish The Porn

  • The Big Fight

  • the funeral

  • trip to Scotland

  • Jack to SF

  • C out with B's friends

  • Vegas

  • B - The College Years

  • The Story 1 ½

  • Coop & Harris story (including locker room scar)

  • Alex's & B's reunion

  • Chaz & Laura in New York

  • C&B out with Tara & Dominic

  • Tara

  • C killing B's plants

  • rearrange The Soundtrack

  • possible kids!AU

  • nightly dancing

  • Adam's & B's backstory

  • Sean/B AU

  • Sean's & Alex's wedding

  • "Forever" and B's grandma's ring

  • B's Rather Obscene Talk Story

  • losing Jack [in progress]

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Date:2004-11-14 00:02
Mood: hungry

I guess I should put this here for future reference & the chance that there are other Jack fans in the world besides me.

in_another_city -- dealing with Jack's gradual separation from his family. Also features Tristan from that thing I wrote for last year's NaNo.

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Date:2004-10-18 23:46
Subject:Brandon, Deborah cold piece
Mood: cold

Shades of Grey
PG-13, language.

Lyd, there are a few details in here that I haven't confirmed with you, but they're flexible.


...Collapse )

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Date:2004-09-15 22:12
Subject:the many facets of B
Mood: cranky

What's so interesting to me about Brandon versus Brandy is that Brandy is a total flirt. I don't think Brandon is quite on her level. Maybe in the grocery store, just for kicks, but B would never unbutton Nelson's shirt.

(I mean, ew, WHY would he? He's got C.)

He might've, once upon a time. Back in the slut days with Adam. But I can't see him hitting on Nelson in front of C after he & C have been together for years.

But oh, Brandy does.


Also. This is why I hate this movie. Why would you send away the person you love if you're dying? If I were dying, the last thing I would want to see would be that person's face. I couldn't imagine dying alone without people I loved around me. Why give up those last moments?

It doesn't make any sense to me. And now I'm just all sad and tear-streaky and waiting for Cellophane to play.

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Date:2004-09-13 20:51
Subject:My Insane Neighbor OR How I Got Over My Paranoia and Learned to Love Questionable Cinnamon
Mood: silly

My Insane Neighbor
How I Got Over My Paranoia and Learned to Love Questionable Cinnamon

by Lyd & Jess

It was a Saturday.Collapse )

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Date:2004-09-02 11:50
Subject:[The Soundtrack] fight song idea
Mood: curious

Hey, you. I have NO idea whether you'll like this idea at all, but the song's overall feel is right (for me; you might hate it). I thought of it this morning whilst getting ready for work.

Lots of their lyrics hit me as somewhat nonsensical at times, but their combination is effective, especially when paired with the music.

lyricsCollapse )

At the very least, have a pleasant day. <333

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Date:2004-08-26 19:42
Mood: crushed

Um. This isn't finished and I feel really uncertain about it. Lyd says she likes it, which made me turn pinker. I think we should just turn it into full on sex. Cause, The Fandom's lacking, yo.

genderfuckedCollapse )

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Date:2004-08-22 19:19
Subject:picture cast list
Mood: silly

The Sweet November Universe

as overturned by elanorelle & muse_attack

photo cast listCollapse )

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Date:2004-08-17 19:51
Subject:countdown to the end -- office scene.
Mood: happy

(by me & elanorelleLyd)

me: too bad B can't show up in a wedding dress a la Secretary and say, "I love you."
me: hehehe.
me: maybe in an alternate universe.
lyd: AW.
me: HEY. I'm so watching that now.
lyd: that would be so cool.
lyd: he could sit cross legged on his desk on top of C's work and not get off until he talks to him?
me: and take the paper out of his hands and say, "No, talk to me!"

"I don't get this. You ask me to move in with you, and now you're acting like we've never met! What the fuck's going on?"

C: *acting busy*

B: I love you. D'you need me to carve it into the damned desk?

C: *freezes*

B: So I needed some time to think. This is a big decision. I've never done anything like this before.

C: (meek) I know.

B: So, what. Was it a joke or something?

C: No no! I was serious.

B: Then you'd better still be serious, otherwise I'm in big trouble when my apartment re-rents next month.

C: *brightens*

C&B: *cute moment*

Tom: *enter*

Tom: Hey, Whatley, what's that billing code for -- oh.

B: *sitting on C's lap. wipes his mouth*

C: *blushes* Tom. Hi.

B: You're Tom?

Tom: *blinks*

B: *holds out a hand* Brandon Harris

B: *leans in a bit* I'm his boyfriend.


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Date:2004-06-28 21:09
Subject:silly thing.
Mood: sleepy

silly sibling thingCollapse )

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